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Sometimes our need is just for comfy and cozy. This time a year when we feel the first chill in the air. (Yeh, even in Texas we have felt the first cool days recently!) I love the change in the air when a front comes in from the north and the air dries out and for a brief time anyway we are relieved from the stifling humidity and heat. Once again, though, those of us in Texas can be pretty sure that cool has not set in for good. Still it’s always so pleasant to enjoy it even for a few days. Along with the chill comes the desire to curl up on the porch with a cup of tea or coffee and flip through the latest design magazine or catch up on that book you’ve been putting off reading. (So busy, you know, with our trips to Warrenton/Round Top) Sometimes, though, we just need to stop and enjoy what’s around us. I could sit on anyone of these porches with my reading material or loved ones or a friend. Most these porches have a roof overhead, so watching the rain fall works, too. We have had ALOT of rain here lately. Rain, shine, crisp or cool, don’t you think a porch is a good thing?!

comfy setting on porch

photo: lucas allen  country home

Comfy furniture to enjoy a little afternoon snooze


2 levels of porches

photo: davies and lawery  home companion

You can almost see the billowing sheer curtains blowing in a autumn breeze.


mountain cabin porch

photo: pieter estersohn  southern accents

If you are fortunate enough to have a mountain retreat, this looks like the place to enjoy it.


green porch w table

photo: rob brinson   home companion

How about sharing a nice breakfast with you’re family?


open air dining under pergola

photo: lucas allen   country home

And for lunch with your friend, this lovely open air dining under a wisteria covered pergola in a beautiful setting is perfect.


screened porch

photo: maura mckevoy   country home

This screened in porch is ready for that afternoon break with a great wicker sofa, nice old wood table for your cup and book, and some pretty flowers to enjoy. There is even a stack of firewood if it gets too chilly and you have to retreat to the inside to warm up.

I think it’s time to put the water on to boil and pull the banana nut bread out of the oven. Will you join us?

BTW, we sure enjoyed seeing everyone in Warrenton, etc. The weather went from horrible hot and muggy to actually cool for the early opening at Marburger. We saw some gorgeous merchandise down there. Unfortunately, not always affordable for resale in our part of the world, but it sure is fun to see and get inspired.