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You might wonder why I chose to post about daybeds. Well, I’d been out in the yard weeding the unending weeds, then working in the house moving large items. :)   I sat down to grab a drink and flipped open a magazine and saw some daybeds on a page. I flipped the page and there was another I liked even better. I thought wouldn’t it be nice to be reclining on one of these perusing this magazine with a nice cold glass of ice tea. It was very warm and muggy outside. So, with those thoughts in mind, I decided to look for daybeds and do a blog on them. So, if you aren’t reclining on one and maybe wish you were join me on our daybed journey. I will only be posting a few I found as it would take awhile to find as many as I’m sure I have pics of.

Webster’s definition of a daybed is:

1.  a couch that  can be converted to a bed. (simple enough definition)

Historically daybeds have been around for quite a while. For ancient Chinese it was function as they did not distinguish between sitting and sleeping. Ancient Greeks, Romans, Victorians used a daybed as a means of accommodating traveling guests. Daybeds were tented or draped to provide warmth in drafty places. Daybeds that folded were used when traveling or wartime often to accommodate officers. Treating persons with diseases like tuberculosis brought about the concept of a daybed with an adjustable back as it was better for their health to not lie flat on their back. These were often called cure chairs and eventually wheels were added so the patient could be rolled outside for sunshine and fresh air. As you can see, the daybed has been a very versatile and utilitarian piece throughout history. Today they still are used for more than one function. Today, though, we add our own style, design, and uses for them.  They are available now from simple humble ones for a small child’s room to highly stylized ones that are quite expensive.

Now the pictures…

sleek striped daybed

Straight lined daybed in striped fabric used to connect 2 spaces


simple lined daybed 

very simple clean lines

oak day bed silk velvetI

still simple lines with the special touch of a head finial. cushion and pillows are silk

cane daybed

isn’t this bamboo daybed inviting

cream daybedwood frame

very classy (sorry about the line on the left. it’s from scanning a mag)

mastersuite daybed

love this look. great color


 linen daybed 1

linen always looks fab

linen stripe 1 daybed

this french 19th century daybed in a linen stripe is wonderful paired with the Asian elements

sleek black asian daybed

black silk….very elegant and chic

gustavian canape 2 from end

gustavian canape

above 2 pics are different views of a gustavian canapé . I love this piece in the linen. I would take it home!

french hemp daybed 1

This is a custom daybed in French hemp. A few years ago I would have loved this piece exactly as it is. Now I think I would take off the ruffle and make it a little simpler…either legs (wood or covered in hemp) or maybe a straight skirt (pleated?). What do you think?

Would love to hear your comments on daybeds or if you have a favorite pictured here.

Hope you have a nice place to lounge and read quietly or with your children or grandchildren. Have a great day!

all pictures courtesy of Southern Accents and Veranda