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The winter weather seems to have left us for awhile. The temps this coming week are supposed to hit the low 70’s. In Texas you just don’t have to wait too long for a change!

It was nice getting back to work and out and about again. I have a few new pictures from Gather and Unique Unique. Since I took these, we have reset a lot of the store, so will have some new ones soon. We brought in some really great pieces.

For now, though, enjoy these.


shirt counter2

photo: unique unique design


harvest tables and chairs

photo: unique unique design

These are 2 long harvest tables placed side by side. The legs fold up on them…very versatile.


butcher block counter and hoops

photo: unique unique design

Check out that wonderful thick butcher block counter. The base is metal with 2 large bins and drawers. The wood hoops are probably at least 4-5ft in diameter. They are fabulous wall art!


iron finials

photo: unique unique design

A group of iron finials.


chaises and tiered table

photo: unique unique design

Tall old doors, a metal chaise, a gurney with cushion, 2 tiered table topped by a nifty old finial from a barn.


cot lamp & wooden finial

photo: unique unique design

Another finial only wood and an old cot filled with pillows.


reflection dining area

photo: unique unique design



What’s your favorite?

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. We hope you can spend it with the ones you love.


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I never intended on being away for so long. There has been alot going on in our lives besides the usual with the store, holidays, family in town, shopping, and projects, including my husband being in the hospital twice. He had to have a stent put in an artery, but is doing better now.

I have, also, wanted to redesign our blog, but that is still on my “to do” list!

Enough of all that! We are sooo excited that Sam from the blog style/swoon and editor-at-large for F/D LUXE wandered into our store (Gather) one day. She loved what she saw, took pics, and interviewed Karen. Sad to say (for me, anyway), I wasn’t there the day she came in. Would have loved chatting with her. She ended up writing an article for F/D LUXE adding a picture from the interior. I believe she told Karen she will add more pics on her blog after the article had been out for awhile. Everyone at Gather/Unique Unique Design wants to thank her for including our venue in the paper.

Above is the link to the article. I couldn’t figure out how to post it here.

Sorry, I’ve been away from this for so long, and all blogs actually.

Don’t know what it’s like where you live, but here it is BRRRR!!!! Stay warm.


                    winter wonderland

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It’s been a crazy week. Mayron and I went shopping at First Monday and, sadly, Mayron fell and ended up breaking her wrist in 2 places. She had surgery to have pins put in and is now on the road to recovery. She’s still uncomfortable when the meds wear off, but hopefully, will improve everyday. She has about a 4-6 week healing period. She doesn’t have a traditional cast, but some sort of “Frankenstein” apparatus as she calls it. (We’re not called Unique Unique for nothing!! :0). Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Here are some more pics from our Grand Opening.

silver bowl w slag glass

Large silver punch bowl filled with purple slag glass.


mens bathrm

The men’s bathroom.



mirrors in womens bathrm2

Some mirrors in women’s bathroom.


sinks in womens bathrm

Another view of women’s bathroom.



Vintage pebble swan.


turbine lamp

Turbine lamp with burlap shade.


cart and ladder

Metal cart, ladder, mirror, and pendant light.


chunky buffet

Chunky buffet and urns.


UniqueUnique window & chandiliers (2)

This is taken from outside the store looking in. The chandelier in front is outside.


Gather has already had several events in here and we need to restock….especially once everyone picks up their purchases.

It’s been going well, except for the broken bones.

We’d love for you to come by and visit. We are open Thursday through Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

See you soon and WATCH your STEP!!

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We did it!!! Gather and Unique Unique Design officially opened this new business Thursday night to a very receptive crowd. It was alot of work and took the hands of many people to get the completed project ready, The place looked wonderful with delicious food being served and oohs and aahs being heard all around. These pictures were taken before all the food was placed and one table wasn’t completely set, but hope you can get an idea of what was there.


large paper flower

Large paper flowers by Theresa made exclusively for Unique Unique.


olive jars

Olive jars and horn floor lamp before paper comes off windows.


looking toward awning

Large shirt counter with awning in the background and antiqued mirror that can be customized for you situation.


black chair

Large basket and ironwork.


metal shelf and cheese mold pendants

Metal shelves, large trough, cheese mold pendants, linen covered bench.


acrylic and mirrored table

Another view of mirrored table and acrylic containers. That’s a canvas and iron voting booth in the background.


voting booth

White pumpkins, purple velvet pillows and a better view of the voting booth.


industrial cart

This is a really neat industrial cart with linen cushion.


oil by carol

A large piece of original art done by Carol for our store.


stone fireplace

Stone fireplace, tall conveyor belts, wicker settee with linen covered down cushion, and homemade marshmallows on the sticks and on the cake plate.


dining table with cast iron

French table with cast iron urn and downspouts.


coconut cupcakes

The table in the background hasn’t been set yet and food is not all out on front table, but the coconut cupcakes are waiting to be eaten!

This is a venue for events such as luncheons, meetings, rehearsal dinners, special occasions and weddings. Really for all manner of things folks want to “Gather” together to do. And it is, also, a fun place to shop during your gathering or walking in off the street. Unique Unique Design is the design end of this with lots of wonderful merchandise you can take home. Most everything in the store is for sale or can be ordered. We’d love for you to come by and visit if you find yourself in McKinney, Texas. Mayron and I plan on having the shop open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays from 10:00am to 5:00pm. You will, also, be able to shop by appointment.


I will add more pictures taken on Opening Night soon. Hope you enjoyed the little tour and wish you could grab a marshmallow or cupcake!!!


See you in McKinney!!!





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I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted on our blog or even checked out other blogs. We have been extremely busy!! The house project we were working on changed to an “opening a store” project. The lady we were working with on her house ended up leasing a large space for an event center. She asked us to come in on the project with her. As a result, she decided to put her house on hold until she got this new business up and running. Just in the last couple of weeks she actually found a preexisting home that she has decided to purchase… our projects have changed greatly.

We will be showing and selling from this new venue. We will, also, be working in conjunction with events that occur there. Our merchandise will be for sale, but, also, add to the decor of the events. When some one wants extra for an event, they can hire us to come in and do more than the basic package. “Not your standard” rental items will be available from us, too.

This has all happened very quickly, so we have been pretty slammed. Our inventory had gotten low as we had been selling from the house, but not really making a huge effort to replace it. So, here we are about to open this exciting new project where you can shop, eat, have a party or even get married!!


card for grand opening    card for grand opening 001

Gather in conjunction with Unique Unique Design will officially open the doors on Thursday Oct. 21st at 6:30 pm.

There will be

Sensational Shopping 


Scrumptious Snacks

and a fun time for all.

If you are anywhere in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, please join us and bring a friend or more. We are located at 207 E. Virginia in McKinney, Texas. If you have any questions, please e-mail or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Sorry, we’ve been away sooo long, but will try to do better once we open.

Put on your shopping shoes and come say hi!

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We’ve been working on elevations for the house mentioned in the previous post. The Historical Society is involved, so that makes it a little more challenging. Sometimes Historical Societies have strict guidelines on what you can do and not do. Not so much with the one we’re working  with. It’s much more subjective. That can work for you, but it, also, makes it harder to nail down what they are after. I guess you hope the guy who is working with you hasn’t had a fight with his wife the day you submit your elevations! :) We’ve made several changes as you can see below. Right now we are waiting to hear about one that isn’t shown here. I’m sure we will get it all approved before too long.

1st revision

In this one, we have the center roof line too high. The window above the garage doors will be changed to the large area of the roof. The garage roof will no longer be a hipped roof, but a gable.


revised plans 2

Here, the roof line over the garage shouldn’t include the door. We don’t want the timbers above the garage doors. We do like that the center roof has been lowered. Still tweaking. Will have it all figured out soon and hopefully it will be approved by the “powers that be”.

We have been working on this project with a great architect. All the above drawings are done by Steve. Check out Steve’s website at We have, also, been working with Ed at Jered Homes. Both guys are fun to work with.

Will continue to update our progress. We are, also, involved in another exciting project. Will fill you in soon. We’ve been quite busy.

Thanks for following our blog. We love to hear your comments.

Stay cool!



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Literally, we are looking for the rock to go on the different areas of the house we are working on right now. The main part of the house will be a very light stucco. We are looking at stone that has some variation in it, but is still very light and muted. We took these pictures of some stone work that we thought would work with the design of the house. Some of the stone is a little darker than we are thinking, but we like how it is laid out.

This first picture is closer to  the color we are wanting,



stone style for house2

the walls here are more like the style.

Haven’t decided for sure yet, if the roof will be a darker color like this..



and then use a copper roof over the bumped out kitchen window and another arched window with arched roof above the garage doors.


AWCopperGold slate

These are just samples of colors not actual roof material.

There will be a small courtyard in the front of the house that can be accessed from the kitchen and a side gate.


wall w planter for courtyd2

We love this stacked stone wall for the courtyard. If you notice there is a planter that runs along the length of this.

We still have a little more planning work to do before we actually break ground. Soon, we hope.

What do you think of the stone?

Have a “rockin’ week!

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Before we left for vacation, our friend Laura from Dela Designs, wanted me to come by and see the house she’s been working on for several months. This was originally an older farm house and they gutted it and redid it all. The day I was there the contractors were still there working on the house. It was getting very close to occupancy, though. It is located on a beautiful piece of acreage. I’m not really sure how much land it was sitting on, but it was quite lovely.


breakfast room

This is the breakfast room. The seating will be part of a banquette.


laundry room

A window above the sink in the laundry room that looks out into the back yard. Notice the countertops are galvanized metal.


guest bathroom

The sink in the guest bath is an urn. It looks great!


teenager girl's bedrom

The teenager daughter is getting this precious vinyl covered headboard with mirror surrounding it. Note the cool pendant light in the dormer. This will be a really fun room when finished.


back patio

This is the covered back patio overlooking the pool. Way back in those trees is a creek.


patio view of tennis court

Same patio looking out to tennis court. In the lower left corner is Laura’s great Dane, Rocky.


front of house

A view of the front of the house. It looks smaller than it is when you get inside.



If you look straight out from the patio, past the tennis courts, you see this absolutely wonderful barn! You can’t see it in this picture, but there is gorgeous  rock waterfall (large) in the very back of the barn. These are some lucky horses!!

Thanks, Laura, for letting me come by for a tour and take a few pictures.




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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but we have been on vacation.  We took our 2 oldest grandkids to Colorado to look at schools in Colorado Springs (the Air Force Academy), Golden (Colorado School of Mines), and Ft. Collins ( Colorado State University).


view of academy campus

This is a view of the campus and Chapel at the Air Force Academy against the Rockies.

library csu

The library at CSU.

We didn’t get any pics in Golden at Mines, because it was raining. Golden is a quaint little town nestled in the foothills of the Rockies.

We went on up to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to visit my brother and sister-in-law. They have a beautiful home in Jackson. Everything was so green and all the lupines were in bloom. There was not a bad scene any direction you look!


rob and ann's  house

This is their house with all the beautiful trees and green. The hill in the back through the trees is the foothills to the Tetons. It is sooo gorgeous there!

We visited Grand Teton National Forest. The sights are breathtaking!


mormon barns grand tetons

Overlooking the Tetons. The barns were built by early Mormon settlers


jackson lodge

Another view from an enormous picture window in Jackson Lodge.

We, also, went up into Yellowstone National Park. What an amazing, but strange place with its geysers and bubbling mud holes and sulfur boiling up out of the ground.

hot spring by old faithful

The clearer the water the hotter it is.


mud volcano

Mud volcano.

Not all the sights were as strange as these. Here are a few more picturesque.


yellowstone lake

Yellowstone Lake…the largest lake above 7000ft is USA.


lower falls and canyon

The lower falls cascading down this unbelievable canyon!

We saw moose, elk, deer, antelope, osprey, buffalo, a red fox, and various other critters. What amazing animals were roaming around.

Last but not least, you didn’t think you’d get away without a picture of my grandkids, did you??


kids and rob

Here is Mason and Madi with my brother. We were waiting to have a chuckwagon dinner and watch a show put on by some very talented ranchers. They were fabulous musicians and so funny our sides hurt!

Well, that’s where I’ve been. Now we will be getting back to work. We are still in the layout and planning stages of house we are helping design. Will show pics of some of this as it progresses.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. No doubt the best designer ever is our Creator! We saw some awesome real estate the last few weeks.

Here’s to beautiful sights in your life!


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We’ve all waited for this day and now it’s upon us!  Luann, Kaci and Kaci’s husband Robert have put the finishing touches on their shop, because in a few short hours at 10:00 AM the doors will open for the first time.

If you are anywhere near McKinney, Tx you need to go to their opening. They have a warm, natural, organic look. You’ll love their wonderful vintage finds.  Luann told me their merchandise  seems to be either local or french. Robert, a classically trained chef, will be serving up tasty treats for lunch or to take home to enjoy. Fresh flowers, herbs, plants, and dried twigs and branches will, also, be offered.  So, stop by Patina Green Home & Market and sample for yourselves the fruits of their labor.

Below are a few pictures of past shows they have done.


patina green 2

Photo from Patina Green



bottles 2




Hope you will have a little time to run to the “market”.

116 N. Tennessee

McKinney, Texas 75069


Happy Weekend!!

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